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Our approach
& values

Our approach seeks above all to adapt to various programs while responding to challenges current and future.

This may result in questioning the uses and their new definition fathis to the evolution of our lifestyles, as well as a more responsible role through the use of relevant materiality and sustainable.


Know how to master the tipping between the scales, from the architecture to the furniture, from the macro to the details, from the global vision to the ergonomics of the user is also part of our modus operandi.


We like to think that architecture, like the seasons, is made of movements and must be able adapt to changes of tomorrow. 

2023 - STUDIO NATIV -116.png

After having experienced large-scale projects in France and abroad in the past, the agency now aspires to develop on larger scales sensitive  projects, more creative and more anchored with their territory

Today, Studio Nativ develops projects in various environments, scales and programs,while firmly believing in a morereasonable Andresponsible from a social point of view andecological


Studio Nativ then concentrates on smaller-scale projects, from furniture to interior design, passing from micro architecture, while demonstrating through projects of rehabilitations how to reduce the impact of new construction is an issue at the center of his work.

Studio Nativ has formed over time a network of partners solid, so that each project is accompanied of the best expertise

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