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Jonathan Bourhis
Founding partner - Architect HMONP 

 FR / EN / PL

Gabriela Rolka 

Founding partner - Architect MA

PL / EN / FR

François Barcelo Chatellier
Founding partner - Architect HMONP 

 FR / EN 

W H E N   W A S  I T  F O U N D E D  

Studionativ was founded in 2020 by François, Gabriela, and Jonathan, who met 10 years ago at the University of Architecture of Nantes, France.

After developing a solid experience in Nantes, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Milano, and London, they have decided to foster their respective know-how and appetite for architecture into a studio based both in Bordeaux and Brest, two iconic cities with a strong cultural and historical identity feeding their imagination.

Beyond a true friendship, what connects the three, partners is a multidisciplinary and creative approach which lies at the edge of architecture, design and craftsmanship.

Today, studionativ is in the process of developing projects within various environments, scales, and programs, while strongly believing in a more sensible and responsible approach from a social and ecological perspective.

W H A T  T Y P E  O F  P R O J E C T S 
A R E   W E   F O C U S I N G  O N 

After experiencing large-scale projects, like residential schemes, metro stations, urban planning, and educational buildings, the three partners had a strong appetite for coming back into a more sensible, approachable, and creative field.
Studionativ focuses on smaller scale projects, from furniture and interior design to micro architecture, while also demonstrating through rehabilitation how to reduce the impact of new build.

In that perspective, they have recently delivered a house rehabilitation and extension in Brittany, offering a new relation to the coastal environment, while also delivering a renovation of an old apartment in the historical center of Bordeaux.

Today, the practice is developing a new extension project in Brittany from reclaimed timber, as well as working on the rehabilitation of a listed countryside house by the Garonne river in the South West of France.

O U R   R O L E 

We believe architecture must care about the relationship and the synergy between humans and their environment.

It can be translated into questioning the uses and their new definition facing our
evolving lifestyles, as well as assuming a more responsible role through the use of relevant and durable materiality.

We like to think that architecture, like the seasons, is made of movement and must be able to adapt to the changes of tomorrow. It is essential that architects are involved in society, in its broadest expression, in order to draw new relationships.

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