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​C A B E L L O U 
house by the seaside

Status : completed
Program : house rehabilitation + extension
Location : Concarneau - France
Year : 2018

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DIAG 6.jpg
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As per our vision of yoga, Â M E  meaning "soul" in french, reinterprets the relation between the body and the mind into an architectural exploration between the interiority of a space and the relation with the nature.


This project lies in a conception offering the experience of forest bathing combine with the design of a minimalist architectural gesture.


We believe that the sleeping pods have to offer a unique journey which connects with the surrounding environment  while offering a calm space for resting and meditation.


Our intentions are to provide an experience articulated around 4 sequences : 

1st sequence 

Arriving to pod by a footbridge leading you to the principal entry door, offering first perspective through the timber clad pod.


2nd sequence 

Once inside, you will access the communal space. This area is highlighted by the position of the chimney, allowing a moment of connection and exchange with other guests. 


3rd sequence 

Before entering your individual pod, you will enjoy a meditation space, which overlooks surrounding landscape throughout one of the four principal windows. 

4th sequence 

When entering your private pod you will find a comfortable and minimalist space clad fully in cork. The full width window at the level of your bed allows you to enjoy the view of the valley when laying comfortably.
The perforated shutter provides not only a privacy but as well shelter from sunlight during hot summer time. At night it will lit up to animate the darkness of the pine forest with the delicate perforated pattern, inspired by Portuguese ceramic tiles.

Regarding the storage, each pod is equipped with build in storage around and under the bed in form of drawers and cupboards.


Finally, the essence of the project was to define a single module allowing replication and articulation around a central space. Pods are compact and easily modulable - from one to two people per sleeping pod, with the possibility of stacking the structure to provide even more bed-space to host the future guests. 


This approach results from both - the symbol of cross plan allowing a perfect articulation of the uses and spaces, while optimizing structural principles and costs. 

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